After six years of childless marriage, Anambra couple celebrates


After six years of childless marriage, Anambra couple celebrates

• My wife suffered seven miscarriages before we welcomed triplets

Mr Chukwuanu Sunday Okagbue was devastated beyond words when his wife, Obiageli, suffered miscarriages for seven times after their marriage in 2015. It was the darkest night of their union, as the couple expectantly waited without success for the fruit of the womb. But their sorrow turned to joy on Saturday, November 6, 2021, with the birth of triplets (two girls and one boy) named Chukwunonso Kaitochukwu, Chukwudum Kosisochukwu and Chukwuanu Kamsiyochukwu.  

He recalled a sad experience in 2015, when his wife suffered miscarriage the very day she showed her he test result with the expected date of delivery of the baby.

“I got married to my wife in 2015. We had our traditional marriage on Easter Monday of 2015 and got wedded on September 5, 2015. It was not easy at all; a lot of worries. Looking back at the challenges we had, I really don’t like remembering those sad experiences. My wife had seven miscarriages until both of us became confused and afraid. There would be positive pregnancy tests and then nothing to show. Some doctors would say blighted ovum and some would say there was an empty sac, nothing in the womb,” he recalled.

Okagbue, a microbiologist by training, said they underwent all necessary medical tests but nothing abnormal was discovered. He said in the thick of this crisis, people came with various suggestions for spiritual help but he turned a deaf ear to their entreaties. He maintained that he kept assuring people that his wife was not barren since she had suffered several miscarriages, and they kept believing that she would definitely bear children at the appointed time.

In a bid to save his wife from unnecessary embarrassments from people, he said he stopped her from attending some functions at home for fear that people might pry into their affairs by asking questions that might cause her wife silent sorrow. Despite efforts to cheer her up, there were occasions she would relapse to a brooding state, he recalled.

Okagbue explained the several visits to physicians, regular medical tests and drugs they were subjected to in the process. He said they visited a popular specialist hospital, Port Harcourt. Rivers State and his wife was confirmed pregnant few months later. He recalled his reaction when the pregnancy test result was conducted.

“I hugged my wife and cried when the test result revealed multiple babies. It was a cry of relief. That night, we sang praises to God and prayed like never before. We were both happy, but after sometime my wife became momentarily troubled. She became afraid of another miscarriage because of the weight of the babies.  I stood by her and kept on reassuring her that she would be fine. I told her that God gave us double for our patience.”

He said the birth of the babies was a triumph of faith. Above all, he said the birth of the babies happened the same day Prof Soludo was elected the Anambra State Governor. “I was the Coordinator of Soludo Academics, Anambra State Polytechnic, Mgbakwu. You could imagine my joy when my candidate won the election, and my wife was delivered of triplets on the same day. I call on the governor to recognise the triplets and also appeal to kind-hearted individuals to support the upkeep of these divine gifts”.

In her comment, Mrs Okagbue said the joy of motherhood could not be expressed in words. She noted that the arrival of the babies instantly changed their names to Papa and Mama Ejima (father and mother of twins). She noted that the babies have also brought so much joy to her home, despite the additional responsibilities of their birth. She advised other women waiting for the fruit of the womb never to lose hope, and desist from seeking help from swindlers and fetish homes.

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